Audition Results

**If you are looking for Tonali-T audition information, 

please go to the Tonali-T page under the Ensembles tab!**

Please Fill out the following FORM to Accept or Decline your position in the TBHS Show Choirs. 

Late video auditions will be considered upon returning to school in the fall.  We will also accept live Auditions for those who were unable to audition via online submission when school resumes. As always, changes to the rosters can be made at the directors’ discretion. 

Abbott, Ryan
Andesilich, Cassidy
Askey, John
Baker, Kaleb
Baker, Kyle
Boessen, Julia
Bogart, Wade
Boyer, Mallory
Brooks, Abby
Capps, Kara
Collinson, Gabrielle
Cotter, Patrick
Dickherber, Andrew
Dietz, Kyle
Drinkall, Ainsley
Edwards, Ellie
Fleming, Corinne
Giannakis, Alexis
Gipson, Brayden
Grossner, Abigail
Hagedorn, Maxwell
Hamlett, Lane
Harper, Kenzie
Hoelscher, Shea
Hubbard, Reece
Johnmeyer, Logan
Joseph, Bodyn
Klaric, Myles
Kuznecoff, Blake
Maroney, Melody
Martinez, Keyon
O'neill, Grace
Orf, Helen
Ovchinikov, Anfisa
Payden, Sam
Roth, Eva
Runge, Jack
Shramek, Kristopher
Simpson, Carter
Squires, Savannah
Starkey, Jordan
Summers, Dominic
Surls, Erin
Tallent, Mackenzie
Thomas, Andrew
Vaccaro, Anthony
Vergara, Ixtla
Williams, Beau
Wood, Joselyn
Wortmann, Nathan
Abbott, JJ
Barciszewski, Preston
Behlmann, Jack
Benden, Van
Cann, Briauna
Cockrell, Nyia
Davis, Logen
Despain, Maddy
Dietz, Conner
Frey, Luke
Gambill, Anna
Gordy, Ryland
Hagedorn, Emma
Harrell, Quentin
Hatton, Tori
Holt, Chloe
Huff, Alivia
Hunt, Maddy
Kemper, Ava
Kitson, Taylor
Ladwig, Sidney
Lafontaine, Eryka
Lindemann, Paige
Matteson, Gabe
Mcguire, Egypt
Mixson, Angel
Olson, Gavin
Parker, Alianna
Peggs, Evan
Price, Wyatt
Quinones, Paige
Rogers, Brenna
Rogliardi, Allison
Ross, Alexis
Ross, Rylee
Roth, Grace
Runkles, Brooke
Schieffer, Chase
Smithey, Hannah
Sovar, Mya
Stogsdill, Cameron
Thorpe, Cameryn
Turpin, Madi
Vaccaro, Olivia
Vergara, Edgar
Wren, Colby
Wyble, Jacob


Below you will find the audition announcement video, and both of the videos for learning the dance. All materials are due on June 10th!


Audition Materials

Thank you for your interest in being a member of the TBHS Show Choirs!

ALL REQUIRED RECORDINGS ARE DUE ON JUNE 10TH! Results will be posted on this same page on June 17th.

Once you have made your recordings, submit them by filling out this Form: Show Choir Audition Form

The instructions are on the form and listed below.


"LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME_VOICE" for your singing audition

"LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME_DANCE" for your dance audition

Please provide a valid email address that you will be checking regularly over the summer

If you have any questions or issues submitting send an email or a remind Message to Mr. Cooper