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Football Pool

How it works?

  • $20 entry per team (you can purchase multiple entries) 
  • Each player chooses one NFL team each week who they will believe will win. Picks are made “straight up” there will not be a point spread system
  • If your pick wins then you survive and get to keep playing (keep in mind you can only pick a team 1 time during the regular season)
  • Everyone will be given one mulligan so if you lose once you’re not out but you can’t lose again. Mulligans only apply during regular season play
  • Teams are reset for playoffs
  • Picks must be made before the first game kicks off on Sunday. In the event you forget to login and pick a team the system will pick a team for you by taking the team that has the biggest point spread that the player has available to choose from.
  • $10 per entry will go towards the child’s big trip account (high school only)