Encore Choral Boosters is a group of businesses, families and individuals that have joined together to promote and assist the choral programs in our schools.  It is due to the hard work of many people and the money donated that our students can grow and learn each day with music.  You are invited to join and become a member to support your child's choral education.

We support the choral activities for Troy Buchanan High School and Troy Middle School of Troy, Missouri.  With over 300 students in the music programs, we are very proud of the musical education available to Troy students.

The money that has been donated to the Encore Choral Boosters has made substantial improvements to the sound systems, assisted in the travel, musical education in all grade levels, competitions for the various choirs, and even provided scholarships for our gifted choral students.

If you are not a member of this great organization, we encourage you to fill out the form and join us in supporting the musical programs for our kids.